Brand New Version Released! v2.0.0 is available NOW!

2015-11-04 20:22:00

Finally,  v2.0.0 is coming now!
This version we re-designed lot of new features and functions!
Download it and discover more!
Go Go Go!

Large Launcher is a big, eyesight-friendly interface for smartphones, which helps the seniors using phone much easier!

The seniors deserve a better using experience of phones. You might need to install it for your parents or grandparents and keep them stay connected!

Large Launcher was designed to make sure the seniors feel more joyful and stress-free to use smart phone as a best senior phone! 

There is no fear of making a mistake and losing everything with simplest navigation. 
There is no more worry about confusion, no complications. 
Large launcher comes with large fonts and color-coded icons help to easily distinguish between items. 
Every thing is not only large but also smart! It will be your best experience in your entire senior phones!

Large Launcher is obviously optimized for seniors:
- Easy to use
- All the needed functionality on one screen
- Simple Apps Organization, easy to access
- Larger fonts, easy to read
- Big buttons, as simple as only one touch
- Color-coded, easy to organize 
- Simple UI, stress-free navigation
- Big Phone Dialer
- Big Message text
- Flashlight 
- Smart Contact / Quick Dialing
- Current Weather Info
- SOS sending locations might save lives

Never need to look for a feature phone as a senior phone, no more extra fee on purchasing different functional devices for seniors. 

Pick any android phone, and let Large Launcher helps to make it as a big phone, be your best senior phone ever!

Is there any senior in your family, or your friends? Remember to take care of those one you loved, easily and non-intrusively, share the care with them, let Large Launcher comes to help.

Now we support Languages: English, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Spanish, Hebrew, Finish, French, Italian, Turkish, Ukraine
You are welcomed to help us making more translations to server more seniors in the world, please contact us!

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Dan Marinescu 2016-03-29 04:31:48 Reply
looks good
Qing Wu
2016/03/29 Thank you, hope more people can enjoy it. Reply
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