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Posted by Adam DeBernardis on Mar 10, 2016

Do the tiny icons on your device screen leave something to be desired?  Does your eyesight keep you from easily reading text or menus on your screen?  Despite the recent growth of the average mobile device, several users still struggle to see what the heck it is they’re trying to see or read on their device screen.  If this is the case for you then Large Launcher is an app that just might help.  Designed with the eyesight-challenged in mind, this convenient and easy-to-use app has helped tons of users see their device screens better.


What is It?

Large Launcher is an app for your mobile device that replaces the user interface of your phone or tablet with larger, more readable icons and text.  It is designed to consider the visually impaired and to provide maximum readability and easy use.  Users access all the functions of the phone via a simple interface and large texts and color coded icons help to easily distinguish between items.

Within the app, SMS messages are sorted by conversations.  Large font and color coding is used to display the message thread.  Users can reply easily to any message with the easy to use SMS editor.  In addition, optional full screen SMS notifications allow users to rapidly call back or reply to the message.  High contrast color schemes and two different mode sizes allow app users to use their phone without glasses; and additional color themes are available for free.


How Well Does it Work?


The app is very clear and user-friendly.  Once you get used to the configuration, the app really does make things easier to read/organize.  The larger fonts and outlined contacts really help, especially if you struggle to see the regular screen of your mobile device.  I find it interesting that you can rename your apps (for example you can change “YouTube” to “Watch Videos”).  I get the impression the app is developed primarily with older mobile device users in mind. 



There are really no major issues to report with Large Launcher.  It seems like there are the occasional bugs/complaints; but the developing team also responds pretty quickly and it appears they are eager to work out any reported issues.  From digging around on the reviews page, it seems like the developers give some users who complain “VIP access” to advanced features.  I would be curious to know exactly what those involve, but not curious enough to complain and solicit a response.




If you see no need to fix anything that isn’t broken then you’re likely to find little use with this app.  It’s possible that you actually need the larger fonts or “blocky” configuration in order to see your phone better.  If that isn’t the case then you’re probably okay with your icons, apps and menus just the way they are/were.  If you find yourself looking for a change in screen configuration and want to be able to read your phone better, it might be worth checking this one out.

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Dilip 2016-10-25 21:48:37 Reply
After you answer a phone, how do you enter numbers to select menu options? The numbers are not visible. Thank you.
Qing Wu
2016/10/26 You need tap the top green-blink bar to enter the more options Reply
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