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Summary :Launcher, What is the Best Android Launcher for an Android Smartphone? If you ask me the same question, my genuine answer will be- There is no any Launcher for Android which can fulfill all the needs at a time. But, there are various awesome Android Launcher Apps which are the Heros of their field.

LauncherWhat is the Best Android Launcher for an Android Smartphone? If you ask me the same question, my genuine answer will be- There is no any Launcher for Android which can fulfill all the needs at a time. But, there are various awesome  Android Launcher Apps which are the Heros of their field. Yeah, some launcher for designed to give faster speed (i.e.

Yeah, some Android launcher is designed to give faster speed called Lightweight launcher, some launchers may be designed for  attractive looks and some of them may be  highly Customizable Launcher, some may option for  Lower battery power consumption and some may give  awesome user experience.

So, I’m going to share the list of some  excellent Launcher for Android for various uses like- excellent performance launcher, attractive look launcher, 3D experience Launcher, Fastest Launcher, Marshmallow Launcher or Nougat Launcher.

The best part of these launcher is that No matter whatever Android Version OS your phone is having, it will smoothly run on and support all the versions of Android like –  Android 2.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, Jelly Bean, 4.4 Kitkat, Android 5.0, 5.1 Lolipop, Android 6.0, 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Android N, 7, Nougat.

Also, You don’t have to worry if you’re having  Samsung, OnePlus, Lava, Intex, HTC Phones, Karbon Mobile or Sony Smartphone. These Android Launchers will work on almost all brand smartphones.

Top 15 Best Android Launchers for Android Smartphone:

Best Android Launcher for Android

Before going to the List of Launchers, let me explain you first what an Android Launcher is and the benefits of Using Any Launcher App.

What is Android Launcher?

The  default launcher that comes with your phone  may not give customization options for screen, icons, and User Interface (UI), satisfactory speeds & features to all users.

So, for that purpose ,  Android Launchers are made which are nothing but normal apps which can be used for Customizing Home Screen, UI and Optimizing Android for better speed, higher performance, lower battery consumption and many more things to a great extent.

With the help of any best android launcher, you can change your Android phone’s interior design completely. And the best part, Android launcher helps you to take control over your smartphone’s customizing department and optimize it as you wish.

Benefits of Android Launchers?

  • Customize the Home-Screen of your Android phone by using Android launcher.
  • Launcher lets you  change your Smartphone  icon package and makes the  User Interface better.
  • Most Android launcher offers many  cool widgets.
  • Change the overall look with  one click customization with  Launchers.
  • Eye-catching themes &  stunning icon packages are available with any Android Launchers
  • Some Launchers also  optimize your phones for  lower battery consumption.
  • These all Android Launchers work perfectly on  GingerbreadJellybeanKitKatLollipopMarshMallowNougat etc.
  • These all Launchers also work on almost every brand phones like –   SamsungOnePlusMicromaxXiaomiLGLAVA etc.

#1 Holo Launcher – For Marshmallow Launcher Fans

Holo Launcher is truly amazing Launcher based on the Marshmallow stock launcher offers full Material Design. Believe me, it’s awesome. In fact, I’m using this launcher currently on all of my Android Smartphones. That’s why I have listed this launcher as #1 in this list.

Holo Launcher works only on Android 4.1+ devices. If you’re having an older version of Android then you can use their Old Hola Launcher named “Holo Launcher for ICS”. That’s it, below are the features of Hola Launcher.

Features of Hola Launcher:

  • Offers Google Material design
  • Fully customizable Desktop Page/Grid
  • Having Scrollable Dock.
  • Gestures: You need to just Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps instantly.
  • Easily customize folder icons/shortcut.
  • Just Long press for Edit mode.
  • Customizable Notification badge color.
  • Awesome transition effect.
  • Easy to Create Widgets group.
Developer:  Mobint Software
Price: Free 

#2 Nova Launcher – Highly Customizable Android Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another great and elegant launcher for most of the Android smartphones and Tablets. Whenever it comes for the best launcher app, Nova launcher is what comes first in my mind. Nova Launcher is developed by TeslaCoil Software and comes with two version, one is Free Launcher (Nova Launcher) and other is paid (Nova Launcher Prime)

It’s highly customizable Android launcher has dozens of features for optimum performance and it replaces your old Home screen with full Material Design. Why using Nova Launcher, you can customize your phone’s screen, change icons, layouts, animations and more.

Features of Nova Launcher

  • Nova Launcher offers thousands of free icon themes.
  • Customize the icons colors.
  • You can customize App Drawer to vertical, horizontal scrolling or custom effects.
  • Amazing User-Interface(UI) with amazing customization options.
  • Smooth and infinite scrolling
  • Android Lolipop, Marshmallow & Nougat style themes are available.
  • Option to activate Night mode in one click.
  • Readymade themes for Nova are available in Play store.
Developer:  TeslaCoil Software
Price: Free 

#3 Galaxy Launcher – For Samsung Fans

Galaxy Launcher For Samsung Fans

Galaxy Launcher is all time favorite & best launcher for all my Android devices. If you are really a great fan of Samsung UI and customization then Galaxy Launcher is the perfect launcher for you. It works smoothly for non-Samsung devices. You can enjoy the Samsung UI on any of your Android devices and it’s the best option for you to enjoy Samsung UI if you cannot buy brand new Samsung Device.

So, using this Galaxy Launcher you can turn your any brand smartphone into Samsung brand isn’t it interesting. Yeah, it is.

Best Features of Galaxy Launcher:

  • Offers Samsung UI style icon and themes.
  • Highly customizable App drawers.
  • Smooth + Infinite scrolling.
  • Lolipop, Marshmallow & Android N (Nougat) style themes are available.
  • Free from Ads and bloatware.
  • Supports Home screen gestures.
  • And the best part, it’s FREE.
Developer:  SS App
Price: Free 

#4 Solo Android Launcher – Name is Enough

Solo Android Launcher

Solo Launcher rated 4.5 on PlayStore, is one of the best Launcher for Android which gives impressive features like Marshmallow, Nougat look and boosting your device for faster performance.

This launcher is developed by NewBornTown team. It is a clean,smooth and one of the first launchers for android that uses Material Design 2.0. Finally, It is not only a simple launcher but also fastest one which support all types of Android tablets and phone of Android 4.1 and above.

Features of Solo Launcher:

  • Google Now voice support.
  • Clean & Boost option to Make your device fast as lightning.
  • Made it easy to use your device using Quick Gestures.
  • Allows you to Set your photos as icons, with various awesome effects.
  • Thousands of beautiful themes and wallpapers are available for free.
  • One-click feature to get new wallpapers for a new mood.
  • Smart HomeScreen Icon Management
  • Smart Widgets lets you Customize Clock & Weather widgets, Boost Button widget, Search widget, App Lock,
  • Battery Saver, and more!
  • It’s just WOW!
Developer:  newborntown
Price: Free 

#5 Next Launcher 3D Shell – Best 3D Launcher for Android

Next Launcher 3D Shell

Next Launcher is the best 3D Launcher for Android in 2017. This Launcher is not so popular but best customizable launcher which can give your Android phone a 3D look with Dynamic effect.

Features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:

  • A lot of hidden customization for best 3D Launcher for Android.
  • Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects (Crystal, Cloth, Folding etc)
  • Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching
  • Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures
  • Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience
  • Enhanced shining border effects for home screen transition.
Developer:  GO Dev Team @ Android
Price: 16,99 $ + 

#6 Cheetah Launcher

Cheetah Launcher for Android

As the name suggests, Cheetah Launcher is pretty fast launcher and offers a lot of beautiful themes you can download and apply them instantly. Cheetah Launcher is totally FREE (No in-app purchase) so no ads. Also, this launcher uses very less RAM thereby giving the higher performance to your phone.

The only issue with this launcher is that you can’t use icon packs or themes from other launchers. Anyways, if you want a fast, smooth & awesome looking intelligent launcher then you try Cheetah.

Features of Cheetah Launcher:

  • Various kind of themes in Cheetah Theme.
  • Special animations like screen rotation.
  • Hide inactive apps
  • Smoother than system launcher while occupying 50% less RAM
  • Unique installation-free technology makes it 5 times faster than similar launchers in using themes
  • Fast, smooth and simple launcher for Android devices.

#7 Google Now – Pure Android User Interface

Developer:  Google Inc.
Price: Free 

#8 Apex Launcher – Easily Customizable Launcher for Android

Developer:  Android Does
Price: Free 

#9 Action Launcher – House of Powerfull Features

Developer:  Chris Lacy
Price: Free + 

#10 Large Launcher – Still Better Launcher for Android

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