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Do you want to pre-install Large Launcher into your company's devices? 

Do you want to save cost on development for an Android easy-mode? 

Do you want to clearance your inventory of last generation Android phone? Contact us and we will provide you a solution!

Large Launcher is a unique application, which enables the use of smartphones for people who never thought it was possible for them - seniors, the visually impaired and legally blind. Our vision is to provide these people with the simplest possible interface to interact with, because a smartphone can be a window to the world around them.

To make this possible, we are constantly seeking worldwide partnerships with mobile operators, mobile phone vendors and resellers, home care service companies and others. Thanks to the Large Launcher's intuitive interface, your customers will be able to use your product or service with ease.

Every solution is different, and we are ready for that. Large Launcher can be modified to match your needs - from the pre-configuration of its options to complete rebranding to best represent your corporate identity.

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  • Simple Apps Organization,  easy to access 
  • Larger fonts, easy to read 
  • Big buttons, as simple as only one touch 
  • Color-coded, easy to organize 
  • Simple UI, stress-free navigatio n
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Large Launcher Team's Mission is offering the world's best family Apps! We now developed Large Launcher Senior Phone and we will keep continue to provide apps for your family members!
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